Studio photography: Linzi Allcock

Since i started out in photography two of my friends have always been there as modelling guinea pigs and i am forever in their debt. Thanks Linzi and Charli! Starting out in studio… Continue reading

Studio photography: Gemma Dring

Another amazing friend & one of my regular models, Gemma is currently building a model portfolio….

Manchester photography: Victoria Baths

For me Victoria Baths is the most beautiful building in Manchester, currently being restored…..

Travel photography: Kenya

Most amazing holiday ever… Safari in Kenya… The tour guides warned us that no animal sightings were guaranteed on our safari drives through Kenya’s national parks. I think they were being a little… Continue reading

Travel photography: Roma

I loooooooooooooooove to Travel… and most definately will hop on a plane at any chance possible…. For Easter 2010 we decided to pay the Pope at visit…. here’s the results of Rustic Roma

Mum to be: Tarnia

When my friend Tarnia announced she was preggers i jumped at the chance to use her as a guinea-pig to do a mum to be shoot…. since this mums to be have been… Continue reading

Studio photography: Charli Rennox

When i first started taking an interest in studio photography two of my close friends were always on hand for me to use as modelling guinea pigs. Charli and Linzi. Starting out in… Continue reading

Wedding photography: Kathryn and David

Wedding photography of Kathryn and David. March 2011 Ashfield House, Wigan

Dance Photography: Rafa

Rafael Del Busto is a dancer/percussionist from Cuba, now based in Prague looking to build his portfolio & update his website… here’s one of the shots from a recent shoot.

Gig photography: Jason Derulo 2011

Working at Manchester Confidential give’s me great opportunities for photography, especially gig photography with Body Confidential editor Lynda Moyo. My first experience was back in February for Jason Derulo @ Manchester Apollo For… Continue reading