WILDLIFE: Blackpool Zoo

On a day that tested my wildlife photography patience to the max (animals literally got up to turn away from me / fell asleep / hid behind trees) I managed to get a few shots that I am really really happy with. And despite the animals not quite being my friend on this particular day I really do love Blackpool zoo and admire them for their base camp project for elephants… and i know the animals will love me again next time too…


Emma Golpys Charismatic Cats 1Emma Golpys Charismatic Cats 2Emma Golpys Fabulous Feathers 1Emma Golpys Magnificent Mammals 1Emma Golpys Monochrome & Moody 1Emma Golpys Monochrome & Moody 2Emma Golpys more fun 1Emma Golpys Precious Primates 1Emma Golpys Precious Primates 2

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