Three Cousins One City: Prague (March 2017)


Has booking a holiday ever been this simple?

Shall we go to Prague? Yeah ok!

I love my cousins so much and could not wait for our adventure, there is always a worry when you are so excited about an adventure… what if it doesn’t live up to what we hope?

That worry was nowhere to be seen, Holly, Adam and I work as one, no stress, no mess just lots of food and even more laughs. The perfect combination.

First was to tackle how the heck we get out of Prague airport, we mastered asking for a ticket but it did take us a little while longer to figure out that a bus was the only option – no metro line at the airport. The bus then drops you off randomly in the middle of nowhere and your only option is to get the metro… all this proved is that Adam is the glue that keeps me and Holly together and not heading for a taxi rank. But it was pretty easy to be honest, i am sure Adam will take all the credit, then only a 10 minute walk to our apartment… Happy days.

We booked our apartment through – Petrska 8 Apartments  – we really do recommend it. Contact with Lucie in the lead up to the weekend was great and she was really helpful when we met her to collect the keys on arrival too. The apartment sleeps up to 8 so with 3 of us it felt like a castle at a great price too (£158 for 3 nights between us – 24-27 March 2017).

The plan from then was to basically eat… eat and eat some more… oh and take a few photos of us jumping and a sunrise (with no blooming tourists) on Charles Bridge.


I am pretty proud of us on our early morning mission, it was 9.30am and we had already walked the whole city, we got our Charles Bridge photos, fit in a McDonalds breakfast, cracked some hilarious jokes and walked a maaaaaassive hill!


The tourists of Prague are hot on it! I have been to a lot of cities and done early morning / sunrise walks, even in Rome we got the spanish steps with literally no people on (Very proud of us for that)… But in Prague… those tourists have cottoned on to the ‘mission’

But we got the bridge almost empty which was a million times better than any other time of the day and the sunrise itself was so worth it. (Well it was for me and Adam photo geeking out…. Not sure Holly & her hips, feet, back would agree though hahaha)

We hear a lot of people raving about the astronomical clock in old town square… now we just didn’t get it. People stand around and even clap, on the hour, every hour, maybe we are just too spoilt for choice with technology now (so sorry if this offends anyone) but we didn’t love it… sorry! But what we did love was going up the bell tower of the clock. Now the views from up top were fantastic, we definitely recommend you do that.


Our Top Food Tips

Velkoprevorsky Mlyn
We discovered this restaurant just around the corner from the John Lennon tribute wall (opposite the John Lennon pub – which is also cute – the photos and art work inside are great Lennon tributes but we were a bit disappointed that they didn’t play the Beatles)

Velkoprevorsky Mlyn describes itself as making “Czech food cooked with love” and it really was, the setting was right up our street too, rustic vibes with sheepskin rugs on the chairs and candles. We were lucky enough to have a table overlooking the Certovka river and the water wheel.

The food is typical Czech delights, we had pork knee, dumplings, pretzels, chicken and pork… with potatoes.


Da Capo
A cafe and cocktail bar this is another great spot on the main road leading up to Wenselas Square, the interior was lovely too, it had an American jazz bar type vibe and we wished we had found this place earlier so we could have had time to pop back for cocktails too… next time.

But for this visit we took advantage of the sunshine and grabbed a table outside for brunch… we went for omelette, chicken salad and pancakes… all so so good.

Klub Lavka
Beautiful weather means one thing… finding somewhere to have a drink. Right next to Charles Bridge, on the river side is Klub Lavka, they do czech meals, pasta dishes and salads. We stuck to drinks with the Czech version of a shandy (Pints of Lobcowicz with 7up) but had major food envy when plates came past to nearby tables.


A traditional Slovak cake and sweet pastry… need we say more?


Ristorante Pizzeria Giovanni
A cute little Italian restaurant just off the Old Town Square, it almost felt like we were in a cave, and compared to all the other restaurants around the square it was so cheap too. Each dish was delicious we chose Tagliatelle bolognese, seafood spaghetti, ham carbonara pasta & a pizza.


Kotleta Restaurant
Another great traditional Czech restaurant with a section on the menu for world flavours too, with a great outdoor area, just off Old Town Square, again great prices and really lovely staff too.



Most of all our days were filled with so much laughter, full on belly laughs, i wish i could share what we were laughing at but most of the time (other than Holly’s hippo) I don’t even think we knew!

Hopefully you like watching our video as much as we liked making it.

For our full photo album please take a look at My Camera My World facebook page.