2017 Goals

So it is the 5th March and i am sitting down to write about my 2017 goals, one of which is to be more organised… this should have been written in the first week of January according to my ‘blog schedule’ hmmm lets see how the rest of the year goes!

But keeping hopeful here is what i would like to achieve for the rest of the year.

Be more organised
I always have so many ideas and wishes, i think about them for ages, talk to others about them then zip…. They stay there,¬†hanging around in the air waiting for me to be organised enough to actually do something with them. So this year i aim to be better organised and follow plans and ideas through.

Qualify in another area of Zumba
I have been teaching Zumba for 5 years now and am qualified to teach regular Zumba but this year i would like to qualify in some specialist areas. I have started out by booking onto the pro skills course in April, which helps you with cueing and interacting with the group etc, but would also like to qualify in at least 2 more areas by the end of the year, such as Basic 2, Gold, Toning, kids, step.


Learn more about styling food photographs
I have to say i am really happy with how my food photography has improved over the last year, i know i still have lots to learn and to improve on but one of the areas i feel like i need to learn more about is styling, how to take photos on location and add to them to give them more depth, rather than just the dishes.

Do more dance photos – ballet / shape style
Since i decided to stop studio photography i haven’t done much dance photography and i really miss it so this year i want to research more into the style i would like to do and get some shoots planned in.

rafael thumbnail

Regular meet ups with friends
Time flies by too quick, and before you know it you haven’t seen your friends for months. This year i am being more aware of this and making a conscious effort to find that time, even if it is just popping for a brew as well as for major fun time adventures.


Learn more about bird photography
Over the last couple of years i have been going to Safari parks to take wildlife photos, but since a recent trip to Bournemouth with Rachel and a quick stop at a bird of prey facility has increased my fascination with birds of prey (in particular eagles and turkey vultures)


Yoga journey
Over the last few months i have been testing out different types of yoga to try to find the style that suits me the best. And now thanks to Rebecca at Lotus flower yoga in Leigh i have finally settled on Vinyasa, i love the flowing movements and transitional positions. Vinyasa is definitely the one for me. So here begins my yoga journey, the first step is to attend classes regularly before learning more about yoga itself and eventually being a full on yogi and being able to practise on my own.

I think that will be enough to keep me going… Wish me luck.





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