WILDLIFE: Monkey World & Libertys

You may have seen my Bournemouth post which gives a bit of background into why we booked this trip.


But short story… Rachel and I are obsessed with wildlife! After watching Monkey World on TV for years we got our acts together and ventured over to Dorset.


We arrived just after the rescue centre opened and left just before they locked the gates.


Here is what the centre say’s about themselves…

“Monkey World assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild. At the Centre, refugees of this illegal trade, as well as those that have suffered abuse or neglect are rehabilitated into natural living groups.”

Find out more on their website here.


Anyone who watches the show will know of Gordon the Orang-utan, we finally saw him right at the end of the day and he really did live up to his playful character, tight rope walking for us and posing for the camera.



Other highlights from our Monkey World trip, were the babies we got to see…


And also, last year i saw i Clairvoyant who told me my Dziadek (Grandad) was alway with me and would show himself as a robin, and this little chappie followed us around the whole centre all day… Unless there were too, in which i am now wondering if my Nan has chosen to be a robin too…. I need to make an appointment to confirm this!


With a few hours to spare before my train back home what else could we possibly do other than find some other form of wildlife to observe!

After much googling we discovered Liberty’s owl raptor and reptile centre. So we hopped into the car and off we went.

Photo 02-05-2016, 11 55 55

Arriving just in time to take a look around the reptile centre… thankfully a quick look. We were lucky enough to see one of Liberty’s bird of prey demonstrations.


We learnt fascinating facts like owls are not as wise as we all think, due to their eyes taking up all the room in their heads they have hardly any space for brains (apparently it is like us having grapefruits for eyes!)….


But more importantly, my love of vultures continued (this love came thanks to the bird of prey show at Longleat safari – which to his day still has me in awe) i learned i love turkey vultures, it was one called Ringo that won my heart on this particular day, but after meeting a few more since, my love has grown. They have such cheeky personalities and the way they run / waddle along the ground when they are not fussed about flying really tickles me.

Photo 02-05-2016, 12 12 08 (1)

And just a reminder that without vultures there would be so much more disease spread in the world… everyone should love and appreciate vultures.