TRAVEL: Bournemouth & Lulworth Cove

It is fair to say that Rachel and I are obsessed with wildlife adventures! And after being hooked on Monkey World the TV show for years we were both amazed that neither of us had actually ever visited. So…. then arrived the plan!

While it was a bit of a mooch for both of us we decided to make a weekend of it and spend a few days in Bournemouth getting a hotel room there too.

Our hotel was located just at the top of the hill behind the beach – we could see right out to sea from our balcony, which we loved… if not a bit windswept!

Sunny but cold we managed a great stroll along the beach and a mini shopping trip before inhaling much craved fish and chips.

Saturday we went along to Monkey world and stayed the whooooole day… no one else is on the same level of wildlife love as Rachel and I… happy to not worry that we were boring anyone else we mooched around to make sure we saw everything with Gordon being our last highlight. (See my full blog post here)


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On our way back we spotted signs for Lulworth cove, intrigued we decided to detour and find out what it was all about. And we are so happy we did, a beautiful little village with a picturesque cove. Once there we discovered it is actually one of the main attractions in Dorset, especially for budding geographers and walkers.


More information from Lolworth Cove online…
“The Steps at the east end of the beach lead to the Fossil Forest and Mupe Bay with a stunning walk along the cliff top – this footpath is within the MoD restricted area and is only open on weekends and the whole of August.
A motor boat service from the beach will take you on a trip to Durdle Door or Mupe Bay by sea, from where you will have the best view of this spectacular coastline.”

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