STREET ART: Manchester – Cities of Hope

I adore street art, i always try to photograph it whenever i travel to a new city, i love spotting the well known pieces but also love finding hidden gems that i wasn’t expecting to keep me on my toes.


So when Cities of Hope was born and Manchester was to be it’s first city, giving people the chance to tour around the city seeing the art being created, it was a dream come true!



I went along to the tour with Vicky, her article on Manchester Confidential is here, Vicky will explain the project a lot better than i can…



What i liked best as to how the project was described was that they were aiming for Manchester’s Northern Quarter to be an urban gallery, so when you stopped to look at one piece, from that position you would then be able to see another piece to then move on to, and so on.



These are my photos from the tour and a few extra existing pieces of artwork from around the city too, where we proved the theory above.