WILDLIFE: Knowsley Safari Park

My body left Kenya 6 years ago but my soul is still there.

My heart literally aches for it.

My mission at the moment is to save enough money for a super dooper zoom lens and be able to return.

In the meantime Wild ArenaWild Arena and Knowsley Safari Park are fulfilling my wildlife needs perfectly!



I don’t know if you remember but i did a photo course through Wild Arena with my Uncle Stephen a few years ago and when dates came up again i didn’t hesitate to book on again.



This time with Elaine and Alana, both new to photography, our guide David was fantastic for them and for me if i am honest, lots of tips he gave them i had gotten out of the habit of doing myself so it was great to start again and learn the best ways to capture the animals.



The tour started at 9.30 so we got a full hour with the big cats before the park opened to the public, then off-roading around the park with David helping us get the best angles and also fascinating facts about the park and the animals themselves.



I highly recommend using Wild Arena as a way to see the park, even if you are not a pro photographer just a wildlife lover, it is THE best experience i have been on in the UK and will definitely be doing more of their experiences in the future.


Knowsley Safari park itself is my favourite in the UK, i think i have seen most parks now and i feel that Knowsley has the edge over the others, maybe because of the layout? i feel like i have had more opportunities to get closer / see the animals through the park when i have been through (just on a normal trip – not as part of the experience) i love it so much i now have an annual membership pass (thanks to the middle earth girlies for my birthday present!) and cannot wait to return.