ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicola & Paul, Rivington

Meeting people in car parks is always a nerve-wracking experience, especially when the car park is fully of hairy bikers on their spring outing. Luckily though Nic and Paul walked towards me with beaming smiles…. are you Emma? Did the two camera’s give it away? haha!

A mutual friend of ours, Tarni, but Nic & Paul in contact with me, and i am so glad she did. Two people that are truly made for each other and so utterly lovely, it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with them both and photographing them was a bonus.

Camera shy i explained my shooting style and that to help i popped them into position but then let them fall naturally into what felt comfortable for them, then i stepped back.. way back… to allow them to forget i was even there. And my pretties my plan worked 🙂 Laughing and joking together the couple were totally in their own bubble which was a joy to experience.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from our little trip to Rivington…