TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: Lisbon (August 2015)

When you spend 8 hours a day with 3 people what is the thing you want the most…. to spend 24 hours a day with them obviously! At Manchester Confidential we are a table of account managers also known as Middle Earth.

We decided to take full advantage of an extra day off work during the August bank holiday and hop on a plane to Lisbon, a rare city where none of us had ever been before.

Boy was Lisbon in for a treat!

I have seriously never laughed as much in my entire life, 3 whole days of pure and utter belly laughs, stories never to be repeated, a side car tour, 7 year aged rum, vodka to sober up, Ricky Martin… and gekko impressions.

Our trip started in terminal 3 of Manchester airport, the smallest terminal with limited seats, so when we shared a table with a very ‘proper’ looking lady and ordered pints and Jäger bombs (to steady Alana’s nerves) we knew the road this trip was heading down.

A few more plane bevvys later and some sleeping pills for Alana and much mischief was commensing.

(unable to show you the results due to restrictions from the group… ha)

We arrived late so our after an eventful journey and a quick drink across the road from our hotel we got some shut eye ready for our morning tour… on side cars… i never want to tour any other way again. We cannot recommend this tour enough our guides were so informative and showed us more than we could have hoped for in the city.


The tour even included a stop off at Lisbon’s most famous Portuguese tarts at Pastel de Belem.


Finally having time for a good old jumping photo, top marks to our guide for capturing this…


Lisbon has so much to offer but my particular fascinations (other than the handmade markets by the harbour) were the tiles and the trams. It really is like stepping back in time in Lisbon, everywhere you look there is beauty, but not in a picture perfect way like Venice, in more of a lived in way, this city has history it’s been through some tough times and that adds even more to the beauty.

After cackling our way around the city we consulted our food guru Lord Garner, on where to eat out for a sophisticated meal in the city. None of us are quite sure if our choice was one of his recommendations or if we made a boo boo with the online booking but it was perfection, the steak in particular was exceedingly good! We headed off in a taxi just outside the city to Volver de Carne Y Alma, an Argentinian steak house.

The cocktails were flowing quickly and while the restaurant and diners were as sophisticated as we had hoped… i feel (but don’t remember) that we may have not been… We headed in a taxi up to the old town where Ricky Martin played in a cuban bar, then old school r&b in another… more drinks flowed and then the gekkos came out..


I feel the story telling should stop there before i get into trouble. Proud of myself (and Helen) i was proud that hangovers did not get the better of us and off we headed on a photographic adventure, here are the results of beautiful Lisbon…


We captured our trip with the go pro, check out the video here.