Back to the White Island.. Ibiza (Sept 2015)

The hippy markets were calling for this one, i tried to take some photography time out, but managed to get some iphone snaps in and didn’t forget the go pro action.

This trip saw 3 peas in a pod (myself my gorgeous cousin Holly and Elaine of Butterquins) visit every hippy market we could find, eat as much food as our bellys could handle and lots of beachy beach time.

With 3 of us we split our travels between buses and sometimes taxis (if bus changes were involved x3 lots of tickets sometimes a taxi actually worked out cheaper so it is best to check) but the island is so easy to get across either way, next time i think we will hire a car, i have done it in the past and definitely going to be better prepared before the next visit to be able to sort a good deal out before we go. Roads are in great condition and there are signposts a plenty.

Here are our top 7 Ibiza highlights.

1) Las Dalias hippy markets

For me these are the authentic hippy markets, if you are a true boho chica or chico in Ibiza this is where you hang out (every Saturday). The stalls are made up of jewellery, real leather bags and footwear along with many other treats and surprises. Because a lot of the items are genuine it does mean this market will hit your wallet so be prepared. It is quite a small market i think you should be able to get around it in 1-2 hours but it is quality over quantity here.

2015-09-12 18.27.102015-09-12 17.48.542015-09-12 17.42.312015-09-12 18.05.012015-09-12 17.38.132015-09-12 17.40.072015-09-12 17.20.362015-09-12 17.34.53

2) Punta Arabi Hippy Market

Punta Arabi also known as Es Canar hippy markets are the more famous ones, tourists literally flock here, no matter what time of the day (markets are every Wednesday) the area is literally packed full. But that should not deter you, just be on your guard with your belongings like you naturally would in a crowded area and be ready to set out on your mission, we generally allow a fully day for the trip to Es Canar, allowing 3-4 hours to get around the markets (it’s huge) and then lunch or tea in the town itself, it is worth knowing too there are quite a few interesting shops in the town too, a lot of which sell the same or similar items to the markets and they can work out cheaper. If you are a bargain pro and are staying in or near Es Canar i would suggest popping around the shops before the Wednesday to see whats out there and the prices, so you can wither pop back after the markets or get your haggle on there!

2015-09-16 10.41.292015-09-16 11.53.422015-09-16 12.21.302015-09-16 11.56.222015-09-16 12.14.482015-09-16 12.15.162015-09-16 12.15.35

3) El Deseo

Our apartment in Cala Llonga is perfect for us, the small town in nice and quiet in September meaning small but not crowded beach (see top image) and nice relaxed meals at ‘beach shack’ type restaurants leaving us feeling very bohemian rather than the bigger crowded towns or totally English catering. Our favourite restaurant in Cala Llonga is El Deseo a mexican tapas restaurant, it is a total delight. We recommend the nachos with chilli, the stuffed jalapenos, empanadas and the chicken satay sticks….

2015-09-13 21.20.022015-09-13 22.43.272015-09-13 21.28.56

4) bar

Our favourite bar

2015-09-13 23.18.112015-09-14 00.07.53

5) The Terrace

Eating late one night after a day of markets we opted for the closest place to our apartment that was still open… and what a treat! A mixture between greek style mezes, spanish tapas starter options and British classic main dishes, with a few other around the world wonders we were unsure about the menu but our choices were spot on, definitely worth giving this one a try.

2015-09-14 23.16.522015-09-14 22.03.132015-09-14 22.07.55

6) Ibiza Old Town

We took the bus for a day trip into Ibiza town for more markets, shops and some authentic Spanish feelings. We headed up into the old town (This is where photographer me couldn’t resist keeping my camera hidden any longer – images at the end of the article) and admired the white wash village, the laid back bars and the beautiful floor tiles.

2015-09-15 14.22.562015-09-15 11.22.31

7) Sunset

Love it or hate it San Antonio is one of the best spots on the island to see the sunset (unless you have a car and can drive to a remote cove… that is on the list for next time)

It is also worth pointing out that by pure accident last year we discovered Cala Llonga bay is a perfect spot to see the sunrise, we headed out one early morning pitched up on one of the sunbeds and watched as the sun came up to the left of the cove, with the silhouette boats making a great addition to the photos too.

2015-09-16 19.19.302015-09-16 19.36.02


We captured our holiday with the go pro, check out the video here.