Baby to be… From the BC’s

I have wanted to photograph Lynda Moyo since the day i first met her, when i walked into the Manchester Confidential office 5 years ago and Lynda was the first person to skype me, say hello and welcome me with open arms, when we met later that day my photo sense were out.

Moyo then became a Brown Colbert and i still hadn’t managed to pin her down…. Then baby BC happened and Lynda softened to my charms, woohoooooo… Let’s get this shoot going!

Lynda and Chris are a photographers dream, they came with so many great ideas but were also so open to my ideas and tips too, which meant an overload of images we were super happy with. And what’s more is Lynda is so confident with her body there was no shy or awkwardness about letting her baby bump take centre stage.

I am going to let the photos do the talking….