Manchester Tour: Town Hall Clock Tower

When the day started i was all set for a nice little trip to wales, back by lunchtime, chill out for a bit then off to Jonathan Schofield’s tour for 3pm….

Little did i know i would be racing home, jumping in my own car and hot footing it to Manchester while letting George know we were still on for the tour…. hop to it!

Traffic on the M60 (officially hate anyone driving to the Trafford Centre on a Saturday) meant i met George on the car park and forced her run across the city to make sure we were ONLY 15 minutes late for the tour.

I didn’t mention that we had to climb the clock tower after we ran across the city, otherwise i would have been on my own…

It was fascinating to see how the clock tower worked, and no matter how much you prepare yourself for how loud the bells will be… they still make you jump. My only disappointment was that the bell didn’t swing… Jonathan mentioned this is due to the safety of the building’s structure.. bah humbug safety.


There were 173 steps during the tour, one of the guests counted them to check Jonathan wasn’t fibbing…. definitely glad we were not pre-warned about this…


WAIT!… Time for a selfie…

Photo 09-05-2015 16 05 05

The views at the top were absolutely worth it, it is times like this you really appreciate just how beautiful Manchester is.




Jonathan Schofield in action… did you know he wrote a guide book? Find it here.


The beauty of the Town Hall…



I have done many guided tours across Europe and Jonathan’ s knowledge and the way he delivers it puts all of them to shame. Wonder how he feels about starting tours across the globe?

You can find Jonathan’s tour’s here.