Travel Photography: Rome (Feb 2015)

Up and at ‘um…. Early morning Roma.

A Salsa Feel The Heat adventure.

4 sunny days, 3 crazy nights, 13 salsa dancers (increasing as the weekend developed), 1 beautiful city.

WARNING: This post contains a lot… a lot of photographs…

Not one for wanting to miss out, this weekend was all about cramming as much as humanly possible in! Everything except sleep.

The Salsa Feel The Heat gang arrived in Roma friday afternoon, nice chilled lunch (including a barrel of beer and Jon dancing with our waitress!)



John’s fool proof way of remembering the hotel address?!


Quick spruce up back at the hotel (would definitely recommend this hotel) and we were off out to master the metro system in the city, after a stressful ticket confusion moment we were off! 3 trains and we made it to our destination, to our dance class in Ostia with our gorgeous friends Ilaria and Ze, before heading to one of Roma’s biggest Salsa clubs.

Really loved the night, the class included Salsa, Bachata, rumba and rueda and was such good fun, Ilaria, Ze and all of their students were so welcoming to us, the class was followed by a great night at Caraibe Disco Salsa where Ilaria and Ze did a beautiful Son performance and animations through the night (plus free pizza… including nutella pizza handed out during the night… oh yes!) and also gave us the perfect opportunity to meet up with even more friends Davide, Elena, Federica and Serginho… as well as making more new ones.

The music was incredible too, lots of tracks reminding us of Havana… fantastico!


Back home at the hotel at 5am and hyped after lots of my new favourite cocktail (Caipiroska Fragola) a quick nap and Pam and I were back up and out at 6.30am to get around the sites before the crowds descended…. and we managed it! After 4 times in Rome this was the first time i have actually seen the Spanish Steps themselves. The early start was totally worth it hope you agree.




An Italian vespa was an added bonus…




By 9.30am our mission was complete, this is when we got to enjoy well earned croissants and tea outside to the start of a beautiful day…

Fuelled up there was only one thing to do… head to the hotel for another 1 hour nap! Before we conquered more of the city, this time we wanted to head over to the Jewish quarter… “there’s a lot of policia around” “if you want to be a police man Rome is the place to be” mooching continues…

Now here you should know, there were literally police (blue men as we like to call them) on every corner and street…. we were completely oblivious to the fact that these blue men were not just ‘standing about doing nothing’ and were in fact cordoning off areas of the city… mooching continues…

Only was it when we got to the edge of the Jewish quarter and the guardia came out with their batons and shields (and we tried to barge our way through them!) did we realise actually… something may be happening right now… maybe we best head back.

Note: I don’t think Pam and I have ever laughed at ourselves so much as we did this afternoon… i have tried to write down exactly what we were laughing at, and why at this point we found ourselves so hilarious but i can’t… it was definitely a had to be there moment (we stand by our opinion that we are hilarious though)


Another salsa filled night was ahead of us, this time at Arca Social which is a smaller venue but the passion from the owner shines through with abundance, in the music, the atmosphere and the photographs on the walls, taken on his recent trips to Havana. Another great night involving great people, great dancing and great cocktails… i might point out here that Caipiroska Fragola is the only Italian i can remember. Oops.


I am so lucky to have crazy friends that will agree to my suggestions at 3am on a Sunday morning…. Pam, Mel and I therefore headed into the city after our night out to see the Colosseum and Pantheon illuminated… and whoa was it worth it! Totally breathtaking.


Back in time for the 7am breakfast at the hotel…. and tea bigger than our heads!


Now Ilaria might be a little bit biased, but according to her Trastevere is THE most beautiful area in Roma… nothing to do with the fact that Ilaria was born there then????

Actually no! We agree…. stunning… and only a 20 minute walk away from the city centre… Also Trastevere has market stalls leading from the main road to the square too… yippee!


Feeling really lucky to have The Salsa Feel The Heat gang & Our Italian familia in my life.

You can also view my vblog, to see a recap of our weekend on video.

I will never get bored of Rome and always find more things to do in this beautiful ancient city, if you have any top tips on what to see, do and photograph please leave me a comment below. Many thanks in advance.