Ciao bella… back to Roma

I’ve been to Rome twice before but when my beautiful friends Ilaria and Ze invited me and Georgina to stay with them for the weekend, I think our tickets were booked before they had even finished the invite! I definitely don’t get to see this wonderful family often enough plus the call of Suppli’s were strong!

So following in the footsteps of Julia (well Liz Gilbert to be precise) in Eat, Pray, Love – off we popped to Rome.

We kicked off the weekend watching Julia Roberts live the Roman life, eat pasta and sight see in Roma in Eat, Pray, Love then spent the weekend re-enacting it, what Julia missed out on in her visit was… SALSAAAAA!

One thing I do know about Ilaria is that she is a Gordan Ramsay impersonator and looooves to cook… and lots of it… amazing! We arrived and very happy that Ilaria knows me perfectly too, we stopped off for our suppli supplies as a little nibble before our home cooked Italian feast.

Chef Ilaria Ze & George Emma & Ze

We then took a little trip to Ostia beach, it would have been rude not too while the weather was sooooo good. But what could we do by the beach in Italy?… Oh yes thats it! ICE-CREAM TIME!

ze braga ilaria


ostia beach ostia beach

Ilaria and Ze Braga are 2 of the leading dance teachers in Italy in salsa and also teaching capoeira and bachata too, so we were lucky enough to be able to join in one of their classes on the Friday night before Ilaria’s birthday celebrations at a local salsa club. We danced the night away until 5am before stopping off for breakfast croissants.

salsa in rome salsa in rome

Saturday we hopped on the train for some sightseeing and pizza, beautiful beautiful pizza. Before another night of salsa in the biggest salsa club I have seen.

metro roma

pizza eating George

On our sightseeing adventure we stopped off at the colluseum, the pantheon, Navona square and Saint Angelo Fort. Unfortunately the Trevi fountain is having lots of restoration work done at the moment (Oct 2014) but it’s a great excuse for me to take Georgina back to see it another time.


Pantheon Navona Square Sant Angelo

Sunday we returned to the centre to finish off our sightseeing must do’s. After a full day of walking and 2 nights dancing our little legs were worn out, so we decided to take the lazy option and get on an open top hop on / hop off tour bus. We stopped off at the Vatican and the Spanish steps.

The Vatican Spanish Steps

And it wouldn’t have been the perfect sightseeing day if mozerella, parma ham and spaghetti hadn’t been involved… our love for Italian food is so strong.

Spaghetti mozzarella and parma ham

Finally we ended the weekend with a perfect family meal at Ilaria and Ze’s favourite restaurant.

family photo in rome

I don’t think I will ever get bored of returning to Rome, such a vibrant city and the bonus of seeing my extended family too.

Please also take a look at my vblog of the weekend too.

Until next time Rome…