Where to next

I have realised over the years that I absolutely love a good spread sheet and I love planning but getting the initial idea and sticking with it, man that’s hard!

First I faced the reality that I want to sort a few things out before I head off on a massive adventure and that I was to fill my spare time with as many holidays in the meantime as possible.

Then the real decisions started… Where to first? And then where to next?


The only downside to mini adventures while working is that I only get 24 holiday days a year, so I have learnt to be sneaky sneaky when choosing the days I go.

Currently my holiday life style loves Bank Holidays, especially Easter!

I am trying to do at least 1 “big” holiday a year of 10-14 nights duration then 2 foreign city breaks, plus breaks here in the UK.

But how do you decide an order to these?

I currently have a ‘To do’ list of places that is literally getting longer by the day, the world can be so over whelming so I literally have too much choice. It’s like being in a restaurant with a massive desert menu, actually, a massive amazing desert menu.

So I have tried to give myself a list of rules to help me, if one rule fails I move onto the next.

Rule 1 – Instinct
Say the words: “I want to go to…” Does anywhere literally roll off your tongue?

Rule 2 – Who
Who are you travelling with? Alone, family (if so how old are your children), partner, friends or as a group?

Rule 3 – Why
What do you expect from your trip? Great photography? Activities such as water sports, adventure, family entertainment? To relax? To meet new people? Any specific festivals / events you would like to see?

Rule 4 – Recommendations
Have any friends / family been anywhere recently and raved about it?

Rule 5 – Price
Are any destinations standing out as being cheapest flights / sites offering discounts?

Rule 6 – Travel Guides
Sitting on the floor in Waterstones and finding inspiration from the travel guides. I will admit I get drawn in by photographs, if there aint a pretty picture it aint going to the top of the list.

Rule 7 – Priorities
How long can you go for? Is it the best time of year for this destination?

Rule 8 – Flight destination lists
Check out destination lists from your local airport for inspiration.

Rule 9 – Random
If all else fails print out your list close your eyes and see where your finger falls.