Remember Your Adventures

My memory is pants, that is a fact.

When I started exploring back in 2007 it was all so exciting, I loved new places but this was as far as my thought process got.

Back In those days I didn’t even take a “proper” camera, it was just me and my point and shoot (saying that, it did a good job)

Now when people ask me: “Oh you went to Budapest right? What time of year? What do you recommend?” I can name some tips on one hand but the rest has vanished.

I regret not keeping a diary or itinerary of my earlier trips, to remind me of what we did, as well as being able to help others with their adventures.

From this day forward things are about to change!

Now I am equipped with fully colour co-ordinated spread sheets, Canon SLR camera, notepad and wait for it… video camera!

Never again will I have to say: “Oh man I’m sorry I can’t remember”