I’ve Got A Big But And I Cannot Lie

In one of my last post I mentioned “I would love to down tools and set off on a full time adventure, but”

So many people have this same issue; for many different reason.

So what is your but?

oh no johnFor me it’s money and family but not in a negative way, it is just these are my priorities for right now.

I hate it when people say “I’d love to but….” And turn their reasons into negatives. If you really wanted to do something, do it! No buts, or at least admit your priorities rather than hold them against yourself.

So the main buts i have come across are:

“I have no savings”
This is one of my main reasons, i would rather feel comfortable with the money behind me before i head off than to just go. For many this isn’t an issue at all, i have read about people heading off with their airline ticket and £5 in their pocket and managing to find ways of survival… but this isn’t for me.

So if this isn’t for you too – cut back, be ruthless. Give yourself small targets each month rather than big amounts that can be over-whelming and therefore instantly gets you down about it.

“I’m in debt”
The thing with debt is that it’s already done, you can’t change the fact that you owe it but you can manage money better if you would like to, and that is the key as with any “addiction” you have to want it before you can make it happen. Find a way, get help and solve the debt. Even if this means a 5 year plan for example, do it and plan to travel realistically, don’t try to ignore the debt and travel the world next week because you will fail and you will feel down on yourself about it.

For some people this may be consolidating everything or finding a second job to help pay things off. For me this started 3 years ago and now I am proud to say I can now see the light at the end of the money tunnel. So now in 18 months’ time I will be completely debt free (how many people can say that they have no loans or credit cards?) and the world will be my oyster.

“I have a mortgage”
So sell up! If you don’t fancy that then why not rent it out?

“I can’t afford it”
Being ruthless with yourself is hard and saying no to friends and family is hard. You worry about what people think, “Are they being tight?” “Are they boring?” Just explain the bigger picture to them by saying, “Sorry, no I can’t come to the cinema this week because I am putting that £15 into my travel pot. Why not come to watch a dvd at mine instead?” Surely they will understand.

If not sod um, this is your life, do what is right for you. Obviously avoiding upset along the way. There are cheaper options for everything, it’s having the drive to always go for these that is the hard bit.

But have you ever had something go wrong with your house or car that you have needed to pay for quickly? You managed to find the money for that, so why not find it for travel too?

“It just isn’t the right time”
Mañana, mañana my friend! The right time will NEVER come. Be bold. Be brave. Do it now otherwise there will always be something to hold you back.

“My partner doesn’t want to travel”
If your partner doesn’t want to go, then the question is are they willing to let you go? If they are… off you pop! You are your own person, don’t use them as an excuse.

But, if they don’t want you to travel, this is a whole other ball game. If them holding you back is making you unhappy or will cause regrets in later life, think to yourself are you really in a loving relationship?

Put your foot down and tell them how you feel. You never know being bold might make them realise how much this means to you. If it doesn’t, your decision must be to go with what makes you happy, them or travel.

“I have children”
Travel life shouldn’t be over just because you have children. See if you can manage mini trips and plan bigger trips once they are older.

Would you prefer your children to have a thousand toys and gadgets or experience the world?

Especially if it means experiencing the world together.

I know I will be eternally thankful to my parents for choosing this option.

“My parents don’t want me to go”
How old are you? Are their reasons valid? Will you have regrets if you don’t?

Sit down and show them your plans, involve them and get them to help you with decisions. All this will ease their minds.

Even see if they can come to visit you for a part of your journey or remind them technology is pretty damn good these days for keeping in touch. You’ll probably actually talk to them more from half way around the world, than you would if you were 10 minutes away.

They need to set you free, it just means you need to be brave enough to tell them.

“I can’t quit my job”
You can’t or you won’t? Maybe your workplace even offers a type of sabbatical where you can pick it back up on your return? Or if you would need to completely cut loose there is bound to be a job somewhere out there for you.

You may even discover a new skill you would like to pursue about yourself and therefore a new direction when you get back.

“I’m scared of the unknown”

“Just because you’re scarred for life doesn’t mean you should be scared to live.” ― Brian Celio

Fear of the unknown is natural, a little bit is a good thing to keep you aware. But don’t let it stop you from living the life you want to live. Calm the fear by talking to people who have travelled before, or look into easing yourself into travel by joining onto an organised trip. Don’t be victim of yourself.

With all this in mind travel doesn’t have to be one massive adventure, it can be mini adventures too that all add up.

Do what suits you and your lifestyle rather than just ruling everything out altogether.

So what is stopping you really? OR what helped you break free?

Article inspired by Torre Deroche