Casa V Hotel

Here are a few pros and cons to both options, gathered with a little help from some of my Cuba loving friends.

Full details of my experiences with both options can be found on my Where to stay in Havana post.

These are our points of view and you may see some of the pro’s as con’s vice versa, depending on your situation. I’d love to hear your points of view too on the comment section below.

Hotel Pros

 · Option of swimming pool

 · Taxi drivers will know the address of well-known hotels

 · Security guards /surveillance

 · Air conditioning

 · Safety deposit box in your room

 · Restaurant within the hotel

 · English speaking staff

 · 24 hour service

 · Opportunities to book trips through hotel rep

 · Surrounded by tourists

 · Freshly cleaned room daily

 · Currency exchange

 · Taxi rank outside the hotel

Hotel Cons

 · Don’t get to experience “real cuba”

 · Surrounded by other tourists

 · Less freedom with set meal times

 · Can’t have Cuban guests

 · Overpriced compared to Casa’s

 · Lack of hot water at certain times of day – due to overuse by hotel guests

 · Buffet breakfast – rather than freshly made

 · Noise from other hotel guests

 · Bar, restaurant prices high

Hotel Nationale

Casa Particular Pros

 · Cheaper than hotels

 · Option for home cooked food

 · Opportunity to test your Spanish

 · Immerse yourself in local culture

 · Allowing Cuban guests (best to check with the casa to confirm)

 · More relaxed environment – free and easy atmosphere

 · By renting a casa guests directly help towards a families standard of living· Knowledge from the owners

 · More privacy to come and go as you please

 · Develop genuine Cuban relationships

 · More character than in a hotel

Casa Particular Cons

 · Lack of privacy if staying with a family

 · Chance of unsecured rooms

 · Chance the owners do not speak your language

 · Could feel secluded if owners are unable to help due to language barriers, or if they are not staying within the casa

 · May be on a street that isn’t well known to taxi drivers

 · Lack of taxi’s on the doorstep

 · Building may be in need of repair

Casa Ana Julia