At One With Excel

I love a lot of things and spread sheets have got to be high up on this list.

Opening excel, naming the document, creating boxes and a colour key… adding SUMs… OOF! And don’t get me started on tabs.

italy plan

Plus now that google docs has arrived I can access my wonderful spreadsheets on any device, anywhere in the world, Happy days!

The thing with itineraries is that it is all in the mind. I will plan everything down to the last hour, things such as “This is where we are going”. “That’s what we are doing”. “We need to see this” and “This is how much it will cost”.

I then print it out, re-read it and then completely ignore it and do whatever takes our fancy once we are there.

I’ll admit that I am a panicker. If I didn’t have the super spreadsheet I would feel lost in a new destination with too many vague ideas of what to do next.

The spreadsheet relaxes me and allows me to think:  “It’s ok, explore, see what pops up… if nothing pops up, consult the super sheet.”

Therefore the over organised spreadsheet makes for a more relaxing holiday. A lot of people out there like to live a more free travel lifestyle and this is great if it works for them, having the freedom to do what you want on a whim is a fantastic idea. This is just not for me, it stresses me out and i guess it is the fear of the unknown.

So with my spreadsheet I can simply update it when I get back as a reminder of what was good and bad. Yes I am a geek!

Many laugh at my super sheets, they mock me, they tell me it is a waste of time.  But who do they come to first for tips?

Oh yes that will be me! And I love them for it.