Dance photography: Oscle and Lisandra – Dynamic Duo

If someone asked me to describe this couple in one word I would struggle, how can I choose between… awesome, professional, fantastic, loveable and creative! 

Nothing less than an absolute joy to work with, and I cannot wait to work with them again.
Anything I asked for they created with ease and enthusiasm, and they brought so many ideas to the table too. Eight hours in the studio and we could have easily kept going for another eight.

Having such a professional dance couple in front of the camera makes my job so easy, nothing was impossible and every tangled, complicated position was achievable, even adding their own spin on things. 
With Oscle throwing Lisi over his head as if she weighed nothing, and Lisi bending and twisting into unthinkable angles and positions I wanted to squeal with excitement throughout the whole day.
Oscle and Lisandra, gracias!
Hard to narrow down but here are our favourite 3 shots from the day.
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Thank you