Family photography: Ord family – Lilford Park

When people are given photography vouchers they can go one of two ways.
– Love the fact and thankful that a friend has bought it to give them the nudge to get a shoot done.
– Cry inside because they don’t like having their photo taken.

Debbie was the latter… though I don’t know why as I don’t think she took one bad photo at all!

An absolutely adorable family who I loved working with, even more so after Debbie announced… they hated photos! But by the end of the hour you would have never known it.

The destination was Lilford Park in Leigh, for casual family photos. The Ord family consisted of Debbie and Duane and their two wonderful children, Emily who practised her ‘best’ smile with me, and Jack who went off in search of puddles. 

It’s fair to say Emily had worn out her best smile and was super shy once we got to the woods, and it was dad Duane to the rescue to get that cheeky smile out again, he did a great job and Emily was so cute! Jack on the other hand is a model in the making, and needed no encouragement, he was a little superstar, doing anything we asked of him with a gorgeous big smile at all times. 

The whole family were so much fun to work with, and the interactions together made for some special shots. And hopefully these shots prove to them, they are all great in front of the camera! 

Here are a few of our favourite shots

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