Family photography: Rory Quinn – The Legend

In all honesty with baby photography anything can happen, and that is why i love it. The parents can expect them to be good as gold but they really don’t like my studio lights. The parents will prepare me for lots of tears and wriggles but they are bundles of joys showing off their tiny teeth for me.

So when Carrie came into the studio with her gorgeous baby Rory and told me “he will do anything” I will admit I thought “hmmm we’ll see, let’s wait until he sees my basket!”

Fixing my sheepskin rug into position I turned around to see Rory, bum out, with Carrie holding him out saying where do you want him… I LOVE CARRIE. A lot of mum’s can be more scared than the babies too, which is totally understandable, looking at a big white background with bright studio lights and not knowing how your bambino will react is scary. Parents worry about the positions, leaving the baby (about 1 foot away) and how the baby will react to lights, so to have Carrie open to all options was a total joy.

And then Rory came into his own, lied on the sheep skin rug using all his power to try to crawl away he was fantastic, looking straight into the camera whenever I asked him. 

And that was just the warm up, then came the basket! This is the first time I have used the basket so I was a little scared, we held our breathes while we lowered Rory in, stepped away…. silence… he was literally chillin, in fact he only looked upset when we tried to take him out. 

Rory was an absolute legend from start to finish, and I didn’t want the shoot to end. 
Here’s hoping he want’s to come and pay us another visit at the studio so we can get some more awesome shots.

Here are a few of our favourite shots.

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Thank you