Studio photography: Michelle, Chris and Kobi

Autumn 2013 has let Golpys Photography set out on a new venture… PETS! 
Never work with animals i hear you say? I’m tempted to add animals to every shoot from now on… so far i love them… and Kobi was star pupil!

This month i had the pleasure to photograph Michelle and Chris with their dog Kobi. What an absolutely lovely couple, nervous as this was their first shoot, by the end of the session you would have never known, they took all my tips and suggestions in their stride and have helped me produce some really lovely shots, i absolutely loved working with them all, and hope we get the chance to work together in the future.
Thanks so much for asking me to do this shoot, thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here’s a few of my fave shots from the shoot… hope you all love them as much as we do.

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