Family Photography

So over the last couple of years I have been mainly focusing on location and wedding photography but this year I have decided to get back in the studio game. I set out to spend a day shooting a couple of families and ended up being full booked.
Set up and all excited I was really looking forward to the day, my first family arrived with VERY hyper kids and after an hour I was thinking what am I doing! I’m shattered already 😉 This thought lasted about 2 minutes, until we were looking back through the  photos and all were super happy with them. Then armed with diet cokes and pringles supplied from the wonderful Katie I was set for the day.
I was so lucky to have 8 amazing families to work with, with children that were so well behaved. The day was an absolute dream…. Far from what I expected if I am being honest, as children can be very unpredictable.

Families on the day:
Mariyah and Zak
Rob, cat and Aubrey
Tanzir, Vinny and Laina
Mery and Charlie
Rachel, Danny and Oliver
Harry and Louis
George and Harry
Andrea, Matt, Hannah and Adam 

Here are a few examples from the shoots, more can be found on our facebook page