Travel photography: Addicted to Habana

In 4 week’s time I’ll be heading off to Habana, Cuba for the 3rd year in a row. Honestly, if you would have asked me 3 years ago if i would ever return to the same place year after year I would have said NO WAY! There are so many beautiful places in the World to visit why return to the same spot?

Then I met Habana… the culture, the people, the music, the atmosphere… the rum! The list is endless, it is addictive… simple.

My first trip was with my 2 non biological sisters 😉 Lesley and Karen, we visited Havana for 3 days, then were due to spend 11 days in Varadero, after a week in Varadero, Havana was calling us, so we got a cab back for another 3 days.

My second trip was with my crazy chica and booty shaking parter in crime Suzanne, along with one of my oldest and craziest friend Linzi and her fella Gwyn, my national geo / photography lovin kindred spirit – also known as THE most crazy globe trotting duo. Linzi and Gwyn spent 3 days with us in Havana before travelling the whole (literally) island… with lots of mischief along the way…. while Suzanne and I got very aquainted with Havana and it’s rum 😉

Can’t wait to get back there in July, this time I’ll be going again with Suzanne and joined by my gorgeous friends Pam and Lou. What am i letting myself in for this time? And how many nickname’s will we find for people? 😉 

This week I came across my photos from my last 2 trips and got giddy with them and my new HDR software and here are a few of the results, full photos can be found on my facebook page