Gig Photography: Jay Z and Kanye West

Working for Body Confidential definitely has it’s benefits…. one of which is Gig Photography. So when the editor Lynda Moyo casually asked if i was up to anything or if i wanted to get some pics of Jayz and Kanye…………. OH MY GOD!
Rallying round like a lunatic to try to find someone to cover teaching my Zumba class my mission was accomplished.

Normally i am in my comfort zone at gigs… Test shots during the warm up act… stuck in the pit… NO FLASH… 3 songs and booted out… happy times!
Until the dreaded words… “There’s no pit” WHAT!
My biggest fear was happening… the fear of the unknown
Where are they gonna put me?
Is my zoom lens big enough?
Am i good enough to do this?

Walking down to the arena following the security guard… everyone elses lenses bigger than mine… it was the longest walk ever.
Then we arrived in the middle of the floor directly under a middle stage and out popped Jayz
“This is even better than the pit”
A lower stage, no speaker boxes in the way, close enough to kiss Jay Z’s feet

Over on the main stage was Kanye… YEY my lens was long enough
Being in the middle of the crowd when Jay Z joined Kanye on the main stage was electric

Here are more of the pics, hope you like them…