Travel photography: Havana, Cuba

In November 2011 I had the amazing opportunity to go to Havana, Cuba with Lesley and Karen.
We didn’t know what to expect at all from Havana, we had seen photographs and heard stories about stepping back in time, along with this being a third world country.

Nothing could have prepared us for what we actually felt on the first day we walked around old Havana.
The first thing that hits you is the charm and friendliness of the locals, yes Havana has some crime like any other city in the world but I have never felt so safe as I did here. Then the buildings… truly beautiful architecture which would have been jaw dropping to have seen in their original state. But in a way they are just as beautiful now too. Although it does make you wish the Cuban population didn’t have to live in such run down conditions.
Havana is definitely a city I will never get bored of returning to.
Here are a selection of images from this beautiful place.