Gig photography: Jason Derulo 2011

Working at Manchester Confidential give’s me great opportunities for photography, especially gig photography with Body Confidential editor Lynda Moyo.

My first experience was back in February for Jason Derulo @ Manchester Apollo
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Gig photography can be a scary experience, I arrived at the appollo collected my photo pass and proceeded to the photographers waiting area at the side of the stage. All giddy i asked the other photographers questions and if they had any tips… to which i was greeted with a wall of silence and mean glares… every man for himself apparently. Hurry up Jason these people are mean!

Jason Derulo

Jason DeruloSurvival guide for gig photographers:
– never take a flash
– own your space don’t let anyone invade
– if you need to move, go for it quickly before the moment passes… invade their space

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